Nonferrous Metal Foundry

SM Sächsisches Metallwerk Freiberg GmbH • Zuger Straße 13
D-09599 Freiberg • Telefon: +49 (0) 3731 780-0 • E-Mail: info@sm-freiberg.de


SM Sächsisches Metallwerk Freiberg GmbH is a supplier for a variety of industries:

  • Building and industrial fittings
  • Nonferrous metal wholesalers (semifinished products)
  • CNC machining (semi-finished products)
  • Machine tool building (sliding bars and plates)
  • Mechanism building (worm gears)
  • General machine building/open pit mining/crane building (plain bearing bushes)
  • Electrical industry (construction parts, holding bodies and levers)
  • Shipbuilding (corrosion-resistant castings and the chemical industry)
  • Pump building (impellers, housings, split and running rings, and glands)