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Machining centre

for 3 and 5 axis applications

The CNC machining centre enables the production of complex drawing parts without repeated rechucking on the turn-tilt table and, thanks to its large work space, also allows you to machine cast parts up to a piece length of 2,500 mm.

The working space is defined by the axles of the tool guide. The travel distances are 2,500 mm in the X axis, 520 mm in the Y axis and 460 mm in the Z axis. The turn-tilt table (see image left) has a diameter of 650 mm and is intended for the all-round machining of medium-sized cast parts (up to 500 kg). Its action range is defined by the two rotary C axes 360° and the B axis -5° /+110°.

This configuration enables dynamic machining and high machining speeds with especially quick tool changes. The spindle achieves speeds of 14,000 RPM and is controlled by a built-in direct drive. The milling spindle is equipped with a 25 bar internal cooling system.

The control unit of the CNC machining centre is based on the Siemens 840DE – Solution Line.

The long-bed version allows precision machining of parts (such as slide bars) up to 2,500 mm in length. All 5 axes are equipped with glass scales.

The CNC machine from the company SPINNER is equipped with an extendable partition wall in the working space to enable production in pendulum mode (set-up and processing), if necessary. Two magazines can accommodate a total of 86 tools.