Nonferrous Metal Foundry

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Centrifugal casting

Centrifugal casting produces a very dense and neat structure by high centrifugal forces and a directed solidification from the outside to the inside. Contaminants in the molten mass rise to the surface during the casting process and are removed by later machining.

Centrifugal casting processes excel by a great variety of materials and high production efficiency.

Scope of performances

  • Centrifugal casting, pre-turned, or finishmachined according to the customers’ request
  • Heat treatment
  • Casting with a test certificate upon request
  • Quality assurance by 3D measuring equipment
  • Delivery dimensions:
    Max. length: 500 mm
    Max. outside diameter: 660 mm
    Min. inside diameter: 120 mm


  • Gunmetal bronze
  • Tin bronzes
  • Aluminium multi-alloy bronzes
  • Special brass
  • Special alloys on demand